Introduction ARC Center

    Natural Food and Drug Material Industrialization Research Center is a research center designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs & Korea
    Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology in Food, Agriculture and Forestry to train
    excellent personnel and to secure key technologies that will lead the agricultural industry.

    In order to train great expert workforce related to natural medicinal food materials, we will go through academic industrial collaboration and produce great talents.
    We will contribute to the progress of agriculture and bio-industry by developing functional foods and new natural drugs in
    Health Claim fields of urinary and hair loss improvement that have great demand and high market value.


    Step 1
    GMO applied useful
    protein expression and

    Step 2
    GMO applied
    Animal Vaccines

    Natural Food and
    Drug materials

    Step 1
    Urinary Health/ Hair loss 2
    health functional
    food projects

    Step 2
    Female mental health 3
    health functional food
    projects / Hair loss and
    urinary health 2 new
    natural medicine projects

    expert workforce

    Step 1
    Training Research force
    with Academic-Industrial

    Step 2
    Industry on-site training

    Realizing industrial foundation establishment of natural food and drug materials,
    expert workforce training and agriculture-based natural products industry development.

    Focus on Healing Concerns on Side effects
    of Drugs

    Worldwide healthcare
    paradigm shift

    Focus on
    Prevention and
    Importance of natural
    food and drug

    National health promotion, national social cost reduction effect