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    Natural Food and Drug Material Industrialization Research Center

    Greetings, I am Yoon-Hwa Jeong, director of Natural Food and Drug Material Industrialization Center. This center is supported by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and supervised by DanKook University. Recently, the development of new drugs and medicinal food materials using agricultural natural materials has become the most concrete method of realizing the value of health and well-being. It is the crucial business of our time that is garnering much investment and attention from mainly developed nations. Korea needs to develop relevant foundational technologies and cultivate human resources to gain advantage in the global developed agricultural bio-industry competition through aggressive high value-added industrialization strategy, focusing on agriculture.

    The Center, which is hosted by Dankook University (Cheonan), a regional university, aims at contributing to job creation and national economic development through the realization of high-value-added agriculture and the cultivation of relevant professional manpower.

    In particular, the Center has been designated as a high value-added industrialization research center using natural materials for the first time in Korea, thus establishing a foundation for related industries and nurturing personnel on core technology development to carry out a nationwide mission to improve national competitiveness.

    In addition, we aim to contribute to high-value-added agriculture and farmers' profit generation by constructing a system that accumulates and distributes the cultivation techniques of useful natural agricultural crops, which can mass supply those resources necessary for industrialization.

    1985Bachelor's Degree, Dankook University, Food nutrition

    1989Master's Degree, Dankook University Graduate School, Food Nutrition

    1998Ph.D, University of Florida, Food Chemistry Food Biochemistry

    2000 ~ presentProfessor, Dankook University,
    Department of Food and Nutrition

    2004 ~ 2008Member of Korea Eco-Friendly
    Agricultural Products Certification
    Review Committee,
    KAFC (Korea Agricultural Product
    and Food Certification) Co., Ltd.

    2004 ~ 2012Member of Health Functional Food Review Committee,
    Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

    2008 ~ 2014Member of Safety Assessment Data Review Committee
    on Genetically Modified Food,
    Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

    2013 ~ 2014Member of Research Ethics Review Committee
    on R&D Business, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

    2012 ~ 2014Member of Scientific Advisory
    Committee, National Forensic Service

    2013 ~ 2015Expert advisor of Food Safety
    Policy Committee, Prime Minister's Office

    2009Service Merit Medal (Republic of Korea)

    2012Excellence Award for Science Technology Paper
    (Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies)

    2003 ~ 2009General Affairs Director, Secretary General
    and Director, East Asian Society of Dietary Life

    2014 ~ presentDirector, Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition