Introduction ARC Center

    #3 Core Task
    [ ChonBuk univ. Moon-Sik Yang ]
    GMO animal vaccine development
    Useful bio protein production and high-purity bulk separation

    3-1 Specification. ChonBuk univ. Moon-Sik Yang Development of pig diarrhea prevention vaccine using transgenic plants
    Environmental risk evaluation and selection of Homoline of GMO cigarettes with PEDV antigen gene
    Development of technology that promotes and absorbs antigen
    Completion of plant-based PEDV vaccine formulation that has high economic feasibility and efficiency

    3-1 Cooperation Task. NBM Co., Ltd. Tae-Ho Kwon Production of Non-animal growth factor using transgenic plants
    Establishment of transgenic Rice Suspension Cell Culture System
    Establishment of standard production process
    Establishment of useful GMO protein commercialization plan

    We aim at making food and drug materials
    through mass production of animal vaccine and useful physiologically active substances using GMO products