Introduction ARC Center

    #2 Core Task
    [ Famenity Co., Ltd. Yoo-Hun Noh ]
    Clinical efficacy verification, commercialization and industrialization
    (health functional food licensing, natural food and drug IND)

    2-1 Specification. Famenity Co., Ltd. Yoo-Hun Noh Step 1: Urinary Health Functional Food
    Step 2: Development of Women's Health Functional Food and New Urinary Drug

    2-1 Cooperation Task. Nature Sense Co., Ltd. Agricultural Corporation Do-Hee Kim Step 1: Hair loss health functional food
    Step 2: Development of Mental health functional food and New hair loss drug

    2-2 Cooperation Task. Chung-Ang University Hospital Soon-Cheol Myung Step 1: Urinary & Hair Loss Health Functional Food Clinical research
    Step 2: Women’s health and mental health functional foods & new urinary and hair loss drug clinical research

    Through the hospital specialization center project of the Ministry of Health and Welfare,
    We aim for the industrialization of food and drug materials such as health functional foods through R&D relay progress with the accumulated research results on materials that will help urinary health, hair loss, female health and mental health