Introduction ARC Center

    #1 Core Task
    [ Dankook univ. (Cheonan) Yoon-Hwa Jeong ]
    Establishment of academic unit, cultivation of expert workforce
    and dissemination of cultivation technology

    1-1 Specification. Dankook univ(Cheon-an) Yoon-Hwa Jeong Natural Food and Drug material industrialization and cultivation of expert workforce
    Establishment of foundational academic unit and cultivation of expert workforce for developing Natural Food and Drug materials
    Efficacy evaluation support for selection of highly functional natural food and drug material for mental health and women's health

    1-2 Specification. Dankook univ. Chul-Ho Hwang Development of mass production technology for natural resources that are beneficial to the body
    Establishment of functional and optimal cultivation method. Establishment of plant factory and technology transfer

    The development of natural food and drug materials and highly skilled human resources relevant to the agricultural and industrial sectors are crucial national missions
    As national social necessity and demand of nurturing natural food and drug and related expert workforce increases, we aim to establish a new academic unit,
    cultivate expert workforce that will directly experience R&BD of the industry and build the foundation
    for cultivation of natural products such as post-harvest washing, drying, storage and primary processing.